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The lake tyrolean zip-lines : a thrill sensation not to be missed !

Serre Ponçon Aventure

Only in the Hautes-Alpes ! A unique high ropes adventure course with 4 giant tyrolean zip-lines between 100 en 140 long traversing the lake !
500 m of tyrolean zip-lines !


An innovative high ropes adventure course : the newest in the region. « Serre Ponçon Aventure » uses the most recent innovative techniques :

  • Better for the forest : the safety line and small platforms are fixed with slings to reduce damage to trees. 
  • Certified « arbres et loisirs » (« trees and recreation ») a guarantee of the quality of the design, installation and security system as well as the quality of supervision and hospitality. 
  • To ensure optimum safety and to reassure parents, all of the high ropes courses are equipped with a continuous safety line. Zero risk of falling : you cannot detach yourself !

An ideal location for a fun day out with the family or friends!

The treetop Serre-Ponçon Aventure park is situated on the edge of the Serre-Ponçon Lake in the Hautes-Alpes at la Baie St Michel between Chorges and Savines le Lac. With its well managed beaches, the view of the famous St Michel Chapel perched on a little island in the lake and the spectacular backdrop of the Grand Morgon mountain, la Baie St Michel is one of the most beautiful bays of the Serre-Ponçon lake (Hautes-Alpes).

The high ropes adventure course is situated just 500m from the beach in a magnificent oak and cedar forest providing a cool and welcome shade. There is something for everyone, whether you are outdoor and nature lovers, adrenalin sensation and thrill seekers or a family looking for some fun together.

There are 8 high ropes adventure courses to cater for all ages, abilities and expectations. Children can participate from age 3. You can gradually increase the height and difficulty level as you progress through the courses.

Make the most of the beautiful area whilst you are here and swim, eat or try out water sports on the lake : lifeguarded swimming, managed beaches, snack bar and pizzeria, sailing, tubing, water-skiing, bouncy castles, mini golf…