High Ropes Adventure in the Hautes Alpes : 8 adventure courses

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At Serre-Ponçon Aventure, your entry ticket gives you 3 hours in the park. You can pick and choose from any of the 8 courses, respecting age limits of course!

Adults can start on an easier course and then move onto a more difficult one.

Thanks to our security system, children can be independent and progress at their own pace from age 5 on the Tetrofor course.

The tyrolean zip-lines over the lake are great fun for anyone over the age of 10!

The Doudou (teddybear) Course : Yellow

From age 3 : An easy high ropes adventure course perfectly adapted for young adventurers to have fun! Bridges, barrels, tyrolean zip wires, tarzan swings and even a plane – it’s the real thing!

The Tetrofor (you’re too good) Course : Green

From age 5 : The technical level of this course is still easy but the the obstacles become progressively higher – a good test to decide if you want to go for a more technical challenge! The staff will be on the ground to encourage you and give you tips!

The Tepacap and Tapapeur (you’ll never make it) Course : Blue

From age 6 : The obstacles on this high ropes course are a bit more technical and physical but the height is reassuring! The staff are very close by and are ready to step in and help!

The Tribu (tribute) Course : Dark Blue

From age 8 : This course is never too difficult and is perfect for adventurous families. Young and old can have fun together traversing the wires, negotiating the rolling logs and the tyrolean zip lines.

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The Mort de rire (death from laughing) Course : Red

From age 10 : This high ropes adventure course is physically and technically more difficult with big tyrolean zip wires from the start.

The Mort de peur (death from fear) Course : Black

From age 12 : Fly through the air on this course with tarzan jumps higgh enough to make you think twice… or three times!!!
New 2014 : a variation of 4 challenging obstacles with a flying mega surf!!

The Bigtyro (big zip lines) Course : Red

From age 10 : 4 giant tyrolean zip lines from 100 to 150m long – easy but very very very high over the lake!!!!!!!!!! An unforgettable stunning view!